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Free HamCrams for Organizations
Over the years, we have licensed hundreds of new hams at HamCram’s setup for firefighters, hospital staff, CERT members, Scouts and other groups. In 2017, we want to do more of these events and to make that happen we are offering them for FREE. That compares to the $25-$30-a-person we have had to charge in the past. The fine print here is that the group must provide a suitable place for the HamCram and handle the printing of a 80-page question pool document for each attendee.

We can do these on weekdays and also offer limited free spots at our Saturday events.

Groups that qualify include:
Public safety (police, fire, EMS)
Hospital staff (emergency department, telephone operators, etc.)
American Red Cross
Search-and-Rescue groups
Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
and others

If you are interested, contact David Coursey to arrange an event. His telephone is 209 740-7515

Free HamCrams for Individuals
We also offer a limited number of free seats at every Saturday HamCram. These are available to members of specific groups (those above) as well as low-income, the disabled, ham family members, etc. The list is on the event information pages at hamcram.org.