California Emergency Volunteers is incorporated as a not-for-profit, 501©(3) charitablel organization that provides training and technology support for volunteer emergency responders, the community and emergency management organizations. Per our corporate charter, CEVOL exists to:
  • To provide training opportunities for emergency volunteers, professionals and the community, both classroom and in the field;
  • To provide technology support and equipment for volunteers;
  • To provide emergency related assistance and training to the community, government and business organizations;
  • To establish a training center for CPR, first aid and related skills;
  • To provide free training to underserved communities and minority groups, especially in violence-prone areas. The goal is to break destructive, systemic cultural and social cycles and replace them with positive, long-term patterns that will lead to full, healthy, and productive lives through community service and education;
  • To partner with community service organizations, as well as local, state and federal government agencies to provide financial and professional expertise contributions, help with emergency assistance and provide training to the community;
  • To seek grants and other funding opportunities in order to further the purpose of this Corporation;
  • To raise funds via contributions from business groups, corporations, foundations, and individuals at large, who wish to contribute to this Corporation, in order to further the purposes of this Corporation.


California Emergency Volunteers is organized using principles of the Incident Command System. Our Board of Directors provides the Command function, with our programs divided into Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance/Administration, as shown below.

CEVOL is organized down to the county or community level, as appropriate. The organization is not intended to replace any other emergency group (RACES, ACS, CERT, Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc.) but as an umbrella organization to which all volunteers may belong and participate, regardless of their other affiliations.


All emergency volunteers are invited to join California Emergency Volunteers. There are no membership dues.