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Coronado Tower in Stockton
The Goal: Handie-Talkie Coverage Everywhere in San Joaquin County

Working with San Joaquin County repeater owners, California Emergency Volunteers is creating a plan to provide Amateur Radio handie-talkie communications to all parts of San Joaquin County. This support for low-power communications did not exist when the project began in 2009 and is not yet complete. The plan is an ambitious one, focusing first on densely populated areas before extending into the Delta and countryside.

The CEVOL Repeater Technical Committee, chaired by Ron Simpson, N6GKJ, meets monthly to plan and report on these efforts, which at present involve three wide-area and three local-area repeater systems.

CEVOL Sponsored Repeaters

California Emergency Volunteers sponsors five Amateur Radio repeaters in and serving San Joaquin County and surrounding areas. Here are details:

147.210 MHz. N5FDL and 444.500 MHz. K6TRK 114.8 Stockton -- Located at Coronado Tower in northeast Stockton, these two linked repeaters provide handie-talkie coverage in most of Stockton and mobile coverage from Galt to Turlock.

147.015 MHz. and 444.400 MHz. N6GKJ 114.8 (Not linked) Gopher Ridge -- Located west of Copperopolis in eastern Calaveras County, these repeaters provide handie-talkie coverage as far as Manteca and Tracy and mobile coverage from Lodi to Merced.

146.895 MHz. N5FDL 114.8 Mt. Oso -- Not in use -- Located on 3200-foot Mt. Oso in Stanislaus County, this repeater offers wide coverage from Coalinga to almost Sacramento.

443.825 MHz. N5FDL 107.2 Mt. Oso -- This low-power repeater is co-located with 146.895 and provides coverage of San Joaquin County.

444.850 MHz. 127.3 Tracy -- The KB6EMK Memorial Repeater is a local-coverage serving the Tracy area north to Stockton.

CEVOL Affiliated Repeaters

There are several additional repeaters that are informally affiliated with CEVOL and could become part of a linked emergency network as it is developed.